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Expedition Guide: Camping

Choice of Campsite
Dry river beds in tropical regions can become raging torrents overnight due to rain falling tens of km from where you are. River banks can become submerged within the hour. BELIEVE IT. Don't be tempted to camp very close to water in tropical regions. Traditional 'dry seasons' are often no longer reliable.
In regions subject to occasional drought, trees often have fragile branches. Don't be tempted to camp in the shade of them.

In dry areas (if fires are permitted) clear a large area around the fire so that sudden breezes cannot carry sparks to dry tinder. Cover the fire with earth when you leave. Small pieces of candle are excellent fire lighters when dry tinder and matches are in short supply, or the breeze is too strong.

Discarded food, attracts animals at night - ranging from ants to large mammals.


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