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UKoffroad Expedition Guide: Vehicle Spares and Tool Kit

If your 4x4 is carrying the spares and tools to repair itself, then often they won't be needed. Leave them behind and 4x4 becomes 4x0. That's life off road. Live with it. Complete your expeditions.

Putting together a "Peace of Mind Kit" is a matter of personal choice and availability, but ideally items should have at least TWO utilites to qualify for inclusion. The philosophy follows along the lines of - if you have to carry the kitchen sink, at least improvise on a drain plug.

Before offering suggestions for a possible expedition kit it should be remembered that in the event of a serious breakdown, the vehicle itself can be a major source of repair materials. Consider canabalising, modifying and using anything that is not essential to the vehicles safe movement.

OK, the list:

Extra jack Fuel pump/injectors or overhaul kit Spanners and scewdrivers to fit everything
Jack pads (at least 1/2in x 1ft sq) Fuses Sparkplug remover
Tyre levers (2ft) Ignition spares, if distributor fitted Pliers
Tyre valve cores and removal tool/cap Ignition coil Hacksaw
Repair kit (tube or tubeless) Spark plugs Hammer
Spare tube/tyre Leak sealants for oil and water Instant gasket
Tyre pump Jump leads Assorted nuts and bolts
Tyre gauge Tie wire and electrical wire Self-tapping screws
Extra fluids: brake/engine/
Duct tape Torch
Belts: fan etc Glassfibre kit Fire extinguisher
Master/slave cylinder repair kit for brakes and clutch    

A 12ft tow chain, split into 4ft lengths with connecting shackles, is a piece of versatile kit.

Additional items will depend upon the terrain you're going into. If you expect to get stuck then full blown recovery gear like a winch or sand ladders will be needed. If getting stuck is just a vague possibility then sack bags, stuffed with what your stuck in, will often work. Messy though!

Finally, your greatest asset is your ingenuity - and it usually comes to you about 15 minutes after you've sat down and had a think!

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