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Wherever you are in the UK, there is probably a 4x4 Offroad Driving Club near you. There is also probably a 4x4 driving centre which can provide 4x4's and driving instructors. Some centres cater for your own off road vehicle with a minimum of driving supervision.

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The Requirement for Offroad Driving Skills 4x4 off road driving requires additional and specialised skills that are not utilised or acquired in either everyday urban or long distance driving. It's therefore important to learn and to develop these off road driving techniques and practise them if you are to venture off road. To this end, a brief summary of basic off road driving tips is available here. Furthermore, in-depth articles are being written to deal with recovery techniques, snow, descending hills, driving through mud, sand, driving ruts, crawling over rocks, wading through water, crossing side slopes, ascending steep inclines, crossing ditches and gullies, night driving and winching.

Whether you already have your own 4x4 or not, you can enjoy a UK offroad driving experience to suit your own abilities at an offroad centre somewhere near you.

Once you have developed these vital 4x4 driving skills, an off road centre can still be of service to you. You can enjoy fun 4x4 activities and experiences, with friends or family, and practise driving your 4x4 vehicle confidently and safely though challenging situations.

The Importance of Safety Off Road

The ability to drive safely is crucially important to both your own physical health and to the mechanical welfare of off road vehicles. This is nowhere more relevant than when negotiating challenging terrain in your 4x4.

4x4 Insurance
Problems and break-downs can happen so 4x4 insurance is important and a legal requirement.

Off Road Vehicle Recovery Techniques
Offroad driving centres and schools are also the ideal place to learn how to recover a 4x4 out of trouble, both safely and efficiently, should the need ever arise. There are a variety of 4x4 recovery skills which are useful in the event of either yourself or another vehicle becoming stuck, submerged, bogged or mechanically disabled. Use of the winch offroad particularly requires both skill and knowledge if potentially serious accidents are to be avoided to yourself and/or the 4x4 vehicle you are attempting to recover.

Expedition Training

It is becoming increasingly popular to venture further afield and to experience offroad driving in environments not found here in the UK. There is no better preparation for a serious overseas expedition than to have experienced instructors make critical and constructive observations of both your off road driving skills and your vehicle.

The FUN Element

Above all else, 4x4 driving is FUN. It's a great day out for yourself, friends and relatives. Many offroad activity and experience centres can tailor events specifically for the needs of your 4x4 club, company employees or for your own special occasion.

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