Offroad 4x4 Driving Centres in Berkshire
Wherever you are, there is probably a 4x4 Off Road Driving Centre near you. Some centres provide 4x4's and driving instructors, others cater for your own off road vehicle with a minimum of driving supervision.

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Berkshire (Berks) (incorporates part of modern admin area - Oxfordshire)

Introductory Offroad Driving
Get off the beaten track and enjoy taking the wheel of a rugged and capable 4x4 in this Introductory Off-Road Driving experience. You will get to learn new skills in this challenging driving experience such as manoeuvring on difficult terrain, planning and observation. Learn from an experienced instructor as they guide you through the steep inclines, side slopes and gullies

Offroad Driving Experience
Climb slopes, dip down gullies and put a 4x4 through its paces
Master new driving techniques on a special off-road course
Feel every bump and drop as you switch between driver and passenger throughout the route.

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