Offroad 4x4 Driving Centres in County Durham
Wherever you are, there is probably a 4x4 Off Road Driving Centre near you. Some centres provide 4x4's and driving instructors, others cater for your own off road vehicle with a minimum of driving supervision.

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County Durham (incorporates part of modern admin area - Tyne & Wear)

4x4 Off Road Taster

Hands on 4x4 off road driving
A choice of 14 locations
Available on weekdays

Introductory Off Road Driving

Up to 1 hour driving
Choice of 20 locations
Available on weekdays and weekends

Extended Off Road Driving

Up to 2 hours driving
Choice of 14 locations
Available on weekdays and weekends

Junior 4x4 Driving

Group introduction to off-road handling techniques
Choice of 13 locations
Selected dates throughout the year

Quad Bikes
You will begin with a full briefing on safety, the vehicle controls and riding techniques, with plenty of time to build confidence and ability, before progressing to a longer, more varied and sometimes demanding course. You'll encounter hill climbs and descents, lumps and bumps, see-saws and narrow bridges. An experienced instructor will be riding with you all the way to advise and demonstrate on how best to tackle some of the challenges.
More details

Dumper Racing
An exciting race/skill challenge on dumpers involving co-ordination and nerve. On average each competitor takes part in two different heats racing against the clock and each competitors, with the fastest times qualifying to reach the final head to head, then on to victory to win the coveted Diggerland goodie pack. More info

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