Offroad 4x4 Driving Centres in Nottinghamshire
Wherever you are, there is probably a 4x4 Off Road Driving Centre near you. Some centres provide 4x4's and driving instructors, others cater for your own off road vehicle with a minimum of driving supervision.

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Nottinghamshire (Notts)

Junior Offroad
Get behind the wheel of a 4 x 4 and have a go at off road driving before you have even passed your driving test! Your instructor will show you the ropes as you tackle side slopes, steep inclines and rutted tracks on this thrilling all terrain experience.The experience includes a short demonstration of pedal control the instructor will guide you through basic 4 x 4 vehicle driving. `

Apache Offroad Racer
Akin to driving a rally car on ice, the Apache is a new breed of toy. Custom-designed, the Apache takes you into a whole new league in off-road racing. The dynamics of driving the Apache are far more exciting and more user-friendly than anything in this field of motor sport; it handles with better precision and - most importantly - goes much, much faster. Being a twin-seater, not only is the centre of gravity outstanding, but it also allows for an instructor to be on board to show how, and then allow you, to experience unparalleled performance and excitement.
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Quad Bikes
You will begin with a full briefing on safety, the vehicle controls and riding techniques, with plenty of time to build confidence and ability, before progressing to a longer, more varied and sometimes demanding course. You'll encounter hill climbs and descents, lumps and bumps, see-saws and narrow bridges. An experienced instructor will be riding with you all the way to advise and demonstrate on how best to tackle some of the challenges.
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