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LPG Fuel
LPG is Liquid Petroleum Gas and is also known as Autogas.
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Advantages of Running a 4x4 on LPG

All makes and models of 4x4 can be converted

LPG is cheaper than petrol or diesel because it attracts less gov't duty.

It contains less additives and sulphur compounds and therefore produces less pollution when it burns.

It's environmentally friendly status means it can attract tax reductions e.g. congestion charge exemption.

The petrol system can be retained so you have the option of 2 fuels.

New vehicles may be eligible for a grant towards the cost of conversion.

Diesel vehicles can be converted to run on a diesel/LPG mixture whilst retaining the original diesel system.

The cleaner burning extends the life of the engine.

Disadvantages of Running a 4x4 on LPG

A petrol engine which cannot run on unleaded fuel cannot be converted to LPG.
Space must be available for an additional fuel tank.

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