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UK 4x4 MOT Test Preparation
A brief guide to checking your vehicle prior to the MOT test. It will print on 3 pages of A4 paper.
In some checks it is necessary to jack up the vehicle. For safety, axle stands should be used to prevent accidents.

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correctly adjusted, mountings secure
cable not damaged or corroded
not binding and releases fully (raise wheels)    
no fluid leaks in any part of system
Check servo unit by pressing brake pedal several times, keep it depressed then start engine - pedal should go down a little
no pipes loose, corroded or damaged  
reservoir correctly filled and secure
flexible hoses not cracked or damaged
no excessive wear on brake pads or discs
brakes not binding when activated and released (raise wheels).
no fractures or looseness in any part of steering wheel
with help, check for wear in steering linkages when steering wheel turned left and right
no left/right or up/down movement in steering wheel
no severe corrosion within 30cm of any steering mounting point
no excessive free-play when turning steering wheel reservoir correctly filled and secure
rubber gaiters not damaged and securely fitted
no fluid leaks from power steering
shock absorbers have no serious fluid leakage, damage or corrosion
no deterioration of spring eye mountings, bushes or shackles
shock absorber mountings secure leaf springs securely attached to axle
coil springs are not cracked, corroded or broken    


no cuts or lumps in sidewall or tread
same size and tyre type on each axle
tyre bead correctly fitted tyre tread not less than 1.6mm over at least 3/4 of tread width
tyres correct size for the vehicle    


no play in wheels when jacked up and wiggled either vertically or horizontally rim not distorted or damaged


no corrosion seriously reducing the thickness of any load bearing area no corrosion causing sharp or dangerous edges

no damaged, corroded or missing mountings no corrosion causing sharp or dangerous edges

headlight operation and alignment OK, reflectors untarnished and lenses undamaged
sidelights, taillights,stoplights, hazard, indicator,foglights, numberplate light all working
washers working OK all lenses and reflectors clean, secure and undamaged
wipers working and blades not damaged Horn working OK

no cracks or significant damage in drivers field of view

rear view mirrors secure and adjustable

front seats securely fixed, backrests lock upright

Seat belts
no cuts or serious fraying in the belts fasten and release mechanism OK
seat belt mountings secure    

front doors open and close from inside and outside and close securely

Number plates
good condition, secure, legible

Land Rover

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