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UK Vehicle Registration Plates

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UK Number plates - application procedure and history

Getting a New Number Plate
To make it more difficult for fraudulent plates to be issued you must now present ONE of the following documents when you apply:

  • Vehicle registration document V5
  • Certificate of entitlement to a mark V750
  • Cherished transfer retention document V778
  • Vehicle license renewal V11
  • Authorisation slip from local DVLA officewith a DVLA stamp
  • Certificate of vehicle registration V379

    You will also need ONE of the following as personal identification:
  • Current photcard or paper driving license

    a bank/building society statement or recent utility bill together with one of the following
  • passport
  • foreign national identity card
  • travelpass card with photograph
  • credit/debit card with photograph

Brief History

1903   The Motor Car Act 1903 introduced vehcle registration numbers beginning with A1 and consisting of one letter plus one number (£1 reg. fee !! ).
    Next came the series beginning with 2 letters (assigned to a particular locality) and 4 numbers.
1934   As localities became fully subscribed the 3 letter, 3 number plates were phased in begining with AAA 1 in 1934.
  The order of letters and numbers was reversed
1963 A From 1963 year suffix's were issued.


1965 C  
1966 D  
1967 E,F  
1968 F,G  
1969 G,H  
1970 H,J  
1971 J,K  
1972 K,L  
1973 L,M Reflective plates introduced. Black on white (front). Black on yellow (rear).
1974 M,N  
1975 N,P  
1976 P,R  
1977 R,S  
1978 S,T  
1979 T,V  
1980 V,W  
1981 W,X  
1982 X,Y  
1983 Y,A From 1983 year prefix's were issued.
Q registrations introduced for vehicles of indeterminate age.
1984 A,B  
1985 B,C  
1986 C,D  
1987 D,E  
1988 E,F  
1989 F,G  
1990 G,H  
1991 H,J  
1992 J,K  
1993 K,L  
1994 M,N  
1995 M,N  
1996 N,P  
1997 P,R  
1998 R,S  
1999 S,T,V  
2000 V,W,X  
2001 X,Y,51 Modern style introduced from Sept. 2001
AB denotes local DVLA office
5 denotes month of reg. (0 for Mar.)
1 denotes year of reg. (2001)
2002 51,02,52  
2003 52,03,53  
2004 53,04,54  
2005 54,05,55  
2006 55,06,56  
2007 56,  

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