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4x4 Off Road Tech Articles - Page 3

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Articles - collection of links to tech articles on the web

Driving techniques - 4x4 driving tips for various offroad conditions

Glossary - explanations of 4x4 tech terms A-Z

LPG - Advantages and Disadvantages of converting to LPG fuel

Recovery techniques - basic information on how to recover a stuck vehicle

Tyres - advice on care, maintenance and sizes

UK MOT test - checklist

UK Number plates - application procedure and history

4x4 Tech Articles available on the web (alphabetical)

Article title & content description
Acknowledgement & Source
Propshafts - A series of articles containing everything you ever wanted to know about propshafts, their geometry, design and...............everything Tom Wood
Radiator hose repair - Useful tip on repairing a leaking hose whilst on a trip TeriAnn Wakeman
Smoking Diesel - Suggestions as to possible causes Steven M. Denis
Spanner sizes - Comparison table for mm, UNF, BA, BSF, BSW spanners team.net
Spark plug - A clear, explanation of how the spark plug works howstuffworks.com
Spark timing - A clear, explanation of how the spark timing works howstuffworks.com
Steering - A detailed and illustrated explanation of how a car steering system works howstuffworks.com
Suspension - THE article on 1/4 elliptical suspensions. Real tech stuff from a real guru. Photos included. Kerry Embry
Trailer plug wiring - Diagrams and key to location of connections for a trailer socket. Wade Trailers
Tyre Chains - Illustrated discussion on the types and correct useage of tyre chains. Bill Burke
Vacuum Advance - Detailed tech discussion of the role of the vacuum advance. OVLR
Vacuum Gauge - How to fit a dash-mounted gauge and use it for engine performance diagnosis Joseph Broach
Vacuum Gauge - Details on the use and interpretation of vacuum guage readings IWEMA enterprise
Welding (in emergency) - Details and case histories of improvised welding using vehicle batteries LCOOL

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